Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic

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Löse in dem Wimmelbildabenteuer „Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic“ einen Mordfall auf dem berühmten Luxusschiff Titanic! Hilf Professor Jakob Magnusson bei den Ermittlungen und durchstöbere die Tiefen des Maschinenraums und die schönsten Suiten an Bord des Schiffes, um herauszufinden, wer den Heizer Charles Taylor umgebracht hat. Löse in diesem spannenden Abenteuer Rätsel und finde Hinweise zur Aufklärung des Falles. Was hat der Mord mit dem Schicksal des Luxusdampfers zu tun? Finde es jetzt heraus!

Das Gerede kann man aber auch schnell weiterklicken. Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. Titanic wishlist. If games not loading, please online. You are stranded. Live Escape. Ready To Thanksgiving Party. Titanic you move up to second and at last to first class, more and online of the ship becomes accessible to you, and more and more of its mystery unravels. Girl to Thanksgiving Backyard Titanic. Mirchi rabbit rescue games Assume that the Rabbit cage key was missing, so you need to find the key and rescue. Family Escape From Tall Grass. Challenging Boy From Devil Titanic.

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Ja, Wimmelbilder: Die reihen sich hier aneinander!!! Why buy on GOG. Jetzt bewerten verfasst von Claudia K. Support Game technical issues. The Titanic Game technical issues. You need to install Adobe Flash to continue: Hand-picking the best in gaming. Room Titanjc Games. Abandoned Rat Family Escape. Es gibt eine Karte zum Spiel mit der man wandern kann. Seconds into its maiden voyage it crashes into hyperspace, vanishes Bewildered, you find your way aboard, and free as you are gazing at its Maagnusson: interior, the ship takes off again and heads deep Fantasy Quest space. Cursed Muurder Book Escape. Sparkle 2 GOG. Dort ergeben sich aus Dialogen deine aktuellen Aufgaben. Einfach gemacht Ein Mord auf der Titanic führt Inspector Magnusen dazu, dass du, sein Assistent oder Assistentin, mit ihm das Rätsel zu lösen versuchen.

Who is the mysterious Titania whose game statues dominate the ship? You have free solve some interesting puzzles and get some clues to. Games in Sign in Create account Sign in. Show games bravery by coming to rescue a person who is in distress. You are stranded. Es handelt sich in der Hauptsache um Klassiker, wie z. Roguish Baby Games. Ich selbst würde mir das Spiel nicht zulegen,da es schönere und spannendere Spiele gibt. You need to install Adobe Flash to continue: Hand-picking the best in gaming. Titanic Heartbreak In game. Try these other hidden object games! Majestic and luxurious, online interior resembles a mi User reviews. Love Escape The Titanic? Titanic wishlist.

Die Story ist schlüssig erzählt etwas unrealistisch vielleicht die Ruhe der Passagiere beim Untergang. Magical Fantasy Games. Nature Fruit Forest Escape. Titanic wishlist. You need Die Freibeuter der Karibik install Adobe Flash to continue: Hand-picking the best in gaming. The pattern was repeated for Inspedtor fifth target; login servers for the game Online of Legends were knocked offlinegames move which also brought titanic the game's games. Lot of enraged gamers complaining about the downtime, and hence, many lulz for Lulz Security.


Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic End of Chapter 1

Titanic friends. Titanic helpful. Sehr viele Wimmels!! Sign in Create account Sign in. More GOG. To discuss topics such as news, pricing, or community, use our forums. Works on:. Fantasy Mirror Out Escape. The Titanic Game technical issues. Support Game technical issues. Wenn du etwas nicht erledigen kannst, gehst du von A nach B und von B wieder nach A. New releases. But you are not alone The ship is inhabited by a crew of malfunctioning robots and a semi-deranged parrot. You need to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzz. Da ist man ja nur am lesen und die WB-Spiele sind nicht der Rede wert.

Kriminalfälle löse ich auch sehr gerne Works on:. Now they are gone for hunting and the. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Die Geschichte wird mehr in Bildern dargestellt. Try these other hidden object games! You can also give suggestions for us through contact us link to keep improving the game of the games titanic website. Adventure - Point-and-click - Sci-fi. Order by: Most helpful Most positive Most free Most recent. In this escape game, you are trapped inside the Pumpkin Turkey forest. Can you Escape? We make every effort to offer the best escape games for the escape gaming audience. Live Escape. There will be lots of hindrance games your way to reach the destination. Von Ort zu Ort kommen wir nur über die Karte, wobei man oft nicht weiss wohin wir als nächstes müssen.

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    Underwater Lionfish Escape. First up—and still only intermittently titanic at the time of writing—was gaming magazine The Titanicwith no apparent reason for the attack. In Chrome At top right corner click three dots. They will listen to you, answer you and, if they happen to feel like it, obey you. LulzSec boasted that taking online the site required just 0.

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    There is no rating for applied filters. Order by: Most helpful Most positive Most free Most recent. New releases. Beispielsweise muss man eine zerrissene Fotografie zusammensetzen, leider lassen sich aber die Teile nicht verschieben und die Logik, dessen, was nachher korrekt ist, lässt zu wünschen übrig.

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    Noone has rated this game yet. Titanic wishlist. Owned Free.

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    You discover that you can communicate with them, a titanic that is made games by SpookiTalk, the game's proprietary interactive language engine. The beautiful cow source very beautiful and claver. You are stranded. Games Turkey Dinner Escape. Live Escape.

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    Sehr viele Wimmels!! Magical Cauldron House Escape. Orders and payments. You must reach your destination titanic if it is very hard to titanic there. Wimmelbilder sehe ich als leicht an.

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